Sally Mizerak is a trainer, facilitator and professional speaker who works with groups and teams to improve communication and rapport by tailoring the way they work together so they can get better results.

I do training, facilitation and speaking programs with groups and teams And I help them get better results by tailoring the way they work together, and improve their communication and build rapport with each other. I typically do this by first administering the DISC profile to create shared meaning and understanding of each person’s unique communication style.

Every team is a mix of behavioral styles. And most team members expect others to respond the way they do. Whether it’s a formal team, a department or a group that works together in an office, people have trouble connecting to others with different behavioral styles.  Most of the problems in teams or  groups come from differing expectations, not lack of skill.

I can help you fix those expectations

I can do a half day or a full day workshops to let individuals and team members understand their style and how it affects their ability to work with others. I’ll help participants recognize behaviors that impede collaboration and works with participants to develop techniques for overcoming these barriers.  Each workshop includes a DISC profile for each participant and a complete report.

For over 30 years, I’ve been using DISC profile and other tools to build effective teams. I am certified in DISC and in a number of other facilitation techniques such as Appreciative Inquiry which help teams collaborate and solve problems.

I am particularly effective in working with service companies, professional and trade associations and nonprofit organizations. I’ve trained large and small groups on three continents and spoken on vision, values and customer experience in both keynotes and deeper dive workshops.

Civic engagement is a big driver in my professional and personal life. I graduated from Leadership Pittsburgh, served on many community boards and committees, and I belong to Rotary wherever I’ve lived. Currently I am an officer on my Home Owners Association board and a mentor for emerging speakers in the National Speakers Association of Central Florida.

When I am not working, I am exploring new red wines, rooting for hockey and football (cheering for the Penguins and the Steelers), going to concerts like the Florida Pops or Andre Bocelli, and traveling to interesting places like Napa Valley, South Lake Tahoe, Vancouver and Victoria.

To connect with me to talk about transforming your team or to ask me question, you can email my at, call 813-633-3743, or use my contact form.